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Wittmann Battenfeld Group is a worldwide leading manufacturer of injection molding machines, robots and auxiliary equipment for the plastics industry. WITTMANN BATTENFELD focuses on the market growth in the manufacturing of state-of-the-art injection molding machines and process technology. WITTMANN BATTENFELD'S products include robots, automation systems, thermal control units (TCUs), material handling and conveying systems, material drying, gravimetric and volumetric blenders, low and high-speed granulators, all with a focus on world leading 4.0 technology.

Zeiger Industries, Inc.

Zeiger Industries Inc. Inc is the ultimate choice for high-performance plasticizing components. Zeiger continues to lead in the design and delivery of injection molding screws, valves, LSR molding components, end caps, nozzles and tips. From the earliest days in our development of the original Mallard Z4, four-piece screw tip to today's high­ performance products, Zeiger Industries has been the home of the ultimate plasticizing components for the most demanding applications.


Mass International, founded in 1988 as a dynamic business with twenty years of experience in the design and manufacturing of conveyors, separators, mixers and automatic storage systems allocated to the injection molding and extrusion sector. Providing a wide range of plane, inclined, curved fixed or articulated, reverse curved belt conveyors or special customized products we have the ideal solution for all your applications. With our raw materials inventory, product quality and spare parts warehouse we are able to ensure a fast delivery for new products and maintenance components.

Process Cooling System

Process Cooling Systems, Inc. designs, installs and services process water systems for industrial manufacturing operations of all types and sizes. The current executive team was formed in 2004. With a consistently innovative approach emphasizing energy efficiency, performance and reliability, Process Cooling has become the industry leader in providing turnkey solutions.


Pena Group, a world class manufacturer of bimetallic and nitrided cylinders, single screw, twine parallel screw, corotating and counter-rotating screws or conical screws of any diameter or length and manufacturing technology. Established in 1959, today with a team of over 100 people, providing excellent service, the highest technology and know-how makes us the only company in the world able to manufacture any kind of screw or technology without relying on a third-party manufacturer.

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